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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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charter by mayor first to the board of supervisors and mayor, we have a budget hearing on the budget in may and then the board has a couple of months to deliberate on the budget. that's where we are negligence of the budgeted there are some additional slides that are back up material i won't go through them if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> members of the public i want to suggest to my colleagues as we listen to the testimony the only item that has an ass trick with seniors and sdanlts folks i want to consider the fairness of that as opposed to putting all kinds of things it's the services increases and the sunday parking and reflect think that a little bit.
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my thought and members any questions and director reiskin, director rubke >> i have a quick question that fall on our point what is realistic the amount i i know that f it would be good to, you'll that we're talking about or just you know the different communities for the low to moderate income. >> i think to the chairs point it would be - it would mange because we're talking about $200 million on the capital side and those are investments that we would have on the capital side that would be really lead to direct service benefits converging we might need the operating there's for short term capital so what i recommend is that we take a series of thing
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we're proposing to change and have them be subject to a review of the agencies physical health maybe in january when we have a better sense of where the labor negotiation end up what the stave of the economy so to the chairs point the expansion to free metropolitan for young folks and seniors and disability folks same as your paying a ticket on line changes to perhaps subsequent changes to sunday parking enforcement beyond reducing the redeployment of folks that do the meter accommodate and a transit
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increase would be the budget of things to place on an internal reserve so how we count on a lot of money to have comfort in the allocations to have a fiscal sate in van those things we want to do but we want to make sure there being a responsible in van them. >> very good information. >> i have a similar question but the free muni for youth excuse me. the free muni for protecting yoint youth that's been funded. >> correct. >> so that's in there is the google gift not cover the 18-years old. >> it didn't cover the 18-years
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old so all the other ideas that have been put out there would be discounts for protecting seniors and low income people individually or drops for a fast pass that's the budget bucket of items we want to see if those come through true. >> including the transit service increases we're president to change the enhancements where the customer service and muni serve we take it body of enhancements. >> through the budget. >> to advance them but give ourselves a little bit of room to elevate. >> if we make all those changes
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and people rely on those we have to take them back it will create disruption. >> i think this is a question of fairness to put it all on the protecting folks the disabled and the seniors especially 25 percent of very, very low income. anyone else >> we have two overflow rooms they've over flowing so ms. bloom will call the roll it's helpful if i fill out a card to speak. >> mr. chair we have staff in the overflow room it is as director nolan said it's helpful if the folks fill out and put in a speaker card.
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proclaimer and directors because it may took a few minutes for people to move from the offer flow rooms to this room i'll call 5 card in advance and if people have to leave i'll only call a name twice and assume they've left or their desire to speak has changed. we'll be asking people inform line up on the side of the wall. so the first 5 names include bob (calling names) >> good afternoon.
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>> i'm bob. i want to point out there's uncertainties in our budget as far as expenses maybe higher labor costs fuel costs go up over and over a reduction in work orders so our expenses could go up i'm using that as a background don't require people to pay parking meters on sunday you need that. if you go for free muni for seniors you don't have any readily available subsequential revenue source just shifting the discount rate for rich seniors and other folks it is not going to make up for it you need to keep the fees on sunday. if you take away counter
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improvement on sunday that's an implied statement don't worry about you're not going to get a ticket so increase our signage so people can't say i did not know. maybe our sectional year you bring improvement back on sundays after you improve our signage you need to revenue sour in case our expenses go up >> (calling names). >> good afternoon ms. hail. >> good afternoon, commissions board of directors i should say. i'm pleased to be here to remind i you you know what i'm going to remind you of i hope you fund the free muni for seniors and
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disability. i hope you'll fund for all of them but you want to keep to low and moderate income we've given you the security ethics that show see it costs the renter in san francisco $29,000 a year including our housing this is an elder with the housing and their health care needs and all the supra things seniors have. we think free minnesota will help many seniors go to the meal sites their boarding meal sites in the city where you can get lunch for $2 if you're over 60 or disabled the poverty level is $10,000 for one and ssi is less
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than that >> you're still poor even though you get ssi not everybody know about ssi it's called supplemental security income for low income people it has its needs i've been told we should talk about the joys of seniors i get fixated on how many people get a government pension like you will or the contact agencies the snvrz won't have government pensions but we think it's important to keep the people active in the community. >> thank you, ms. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon.
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hi, fwj. we're representing stepping stone adult health care. one of the issues we're concerned is the folks that actually, you haven't talked about the people who can't use muni. that's the folks who need to use paratransit to remain independent in the community. we'll be talking about under 10 thousands a year. we're adult health care center we're supporting the physical and mental health so they can live dpint if they don't they'll go into is an institution or have a low quality of life. so some of the issues we've if
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you do it is the transit transit wants to raise the costs and also independently as the taxi fairs go up you think $0.25 or 50 sents cents isn't much but it is. i have the invoice for january it was over $10,000 a month for our folks to come to our center. if i raise that $0.25 a ride that's $17,000 a year that impacts our agency we can hire another person to help us out >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names).
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>> good afternoon. >> hi, i also represent stepping stone we're the largest in san francisco i will to say our recipients are medi-cal we're having our partners come to our center that provides safe transportation for people not able to a use the assessable streetcars and trains and busy. our participants are mell or physically disabled and as mentioned $0.25 increase in the fair for each ride equals a 13 percent increase for our agency. we've been living with no cost of living increases in the
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medi-cal program and have a 10 percent cut 3 years ago our agency couldn't survive. also for the operant they use the paratransit group and advance service and they get the medical appointments they get there and there's a $0.50 increase proposed we urge you to oppose >> thank you. next speaker, please (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. my name is and annette i'm a nursing practitioner at the general occupational health clinic we have a work order to provide dmv certification
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advance we're in the position to lose our jobs in obviouslyal height not for poor service but for no other reason four did controller of mta couldn't talk to each other about the costs. and in a time that the city is concerned about revenue for dph and the implementation of obamacare. this is an example of one of the many that occur in the clinic in the last few months. a muni driver presented to general occupational health with
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a people saying this person had a defibrillator later this is a devise that's implanted for cardiac arithmetic to prevent suddenly death he guarantee got 0 two cards from a occupational clinic we saw him in clinic we didn't recidivist this driver because the department of transportation in their guilds this condition is considered disqualified >> thank you very much. (calling names) >> good afternoon. >> i want to say that i'll let
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you know we are opted for the rates from 22 to 24 now we're getting 34 more clients i want a normal pay raise this is our card. and people pay their fair share they'll pay yet you have to show the doctors your disabled and some of the elevators are not working and what do you expect the muni drivers to do with all those people getting open the buds and you promise us from the washington from nancy pelosi get the new buses where are they. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names).
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>> good afternoon. >> hi, i'm susan peiffer. >> can he turn on the other microphone. >> my name is susan peiffer i'm the secretary of the democratic club with seniors and disability folks. we're changed from charging people with the blue parking garages with meter parking we're vigilant in protecting seniors that i'm here to advocate for free muni rides for seniors and folks with disabilities. with so many proposed changes to muni stops and the transit
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programs in san francisco we're already seeing the possibility of seniors and people with disabilities having to what can further from muni stops those are people that are dependent on muni we have so easy the burden for people and free muni will do that with the ellis act evictions and increased rents and the cost of living in san francisco i also thought of san francisco with a city with a heart we need to prove that for people that have contributed to the city. thank you very much (calling names) >> >> good afternoon mr. wood. >> i'm a member of power when
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we set out for free muni for i did not get we knew that was going to be a success we protested and marched and made phone calls we did a lot to get this program we are grateful for the pilot program it's a success over thirty thousand students signed up the critics said they were going to get on the buds and act crazy but they didn't we want the 18 years old to be another a lot of 18-year-old are going that from january to june so their low income >> thank you. next speaker, please (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> hi, i'm from the excelsior
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district i'm here on our spring break that is important free muni for youth is not something minor it's $0.75 it adds up to the end of the month. i support this i shouldn't be scared to get on the bus to be harassed by ticket people and to be harassed is it w0rg9 going to school and may be getting an $800 fine. money management is hard enough for mom she's disabled and this program is very important for seniors for 18-years old and disabled people you guys should
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please amend this fair policy on april 15th, please >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names) good afternoon ms. martin. >> good afternoon. those of us for the free muni coalition we've been doing this we worked very hard we didn't just come and sigh give us free passes but actually going out into the community. and since then we've continued to work with director reiskin and alicia to make sure that we can get the support in our community for the funding measures in the fall we've been working hardworking for low income alias and i'm somewhat
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surprised to that concludes my report the 18-years old is only included provisionally and also we were initially told that the mta was optimistic to include all the folks. the golden negates is $3.4 million and the school is kicking in money for $3.6 million and the cost is 3.7 i don't know what the numbers are i don't think it's a lot of money but, you know, we're here to do whatever it takes to make that work we'd love to see an institutional commitment to continue there into the future so amend the free fair policy
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there's another category there's a free pass so the folks are scared it's going to run out in june. so if you could do that fair policy amending at the same time as the budget we'll appreciate that >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> hi, i'm anna thank you very much. i'd like to have more time to speak because i'm speaking i have a disability in english.
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i let's open this up for general public comment here today with my mobility service person we use to be on the muni task force. i take muni but they tell me i can't tackle it by myself i have to 0 have a caregiver i have a memory loss i take muni with my caregiver i listened last time to the dock meny on caesar chavez and on my beloved bob i didn't kennedy who i met i hear you talk about the money but this is a moral and ethic california issue about people with low income and disability and people that used services with animals and they need the
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busses. we want to stay in inform. i'm here to represent one obtain thing that's near and dear to my heart they are work hard to keep seniors with disabled in their home we don't have good transportation weeping we'll be institutional listed thank you very much. >> thank you. appreciate that. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon mr. mendosa. >> proclaimer and members of board i'm with the san francisco board. i wanted to express our agencies
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strong support to extend free muni for seniors as you know the cost of living in san francisco is high and the access to food is high. and really transportation is the key part to allow people to make it possible that they'll participate in all aspects of their community. i'm sure you're aware of for many low income people with disabilities and seniors their community have been facing cuts so they've made hard choices and sometimes transportation sadly get put down on the list. we really want folks to be able to participate in the community. so i ask you to support of the
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proposal and appreciate our time >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> sorry okay. who's - >> good afternoon .
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> hi, everyone i'm a member of the community tenants association and involved at the international hotel. i represent seniors residents in america in san francisco. we want you to continue to make progress to continue to provide services and care for elderly at other countries to provide city transportation we want san francisco to use the example as to really